Master Insurance Program

Flood & Earthquake Coverage

The Diocesan Master Insurance Program provides coverage for the perils of flood and earthquake.  Coverage is written on a catastrophic basis only with policy limits of $50,000,000 for all Master Insurance Program losses.

Flood coverage for buildings and contents does not apply to property located within the 100-year flood Plain as designated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).  For property located within the 100-year flood Plain or to reduce the deductible on otherwise covered properties, specific coverage can be arranged for additional premium through the Federal Government's National Flood Insurance Program (N.F.I.P.).


Almost every type of walled and roofed building that is principally above ground and not entirely over water may be insured if it is in a participating community.  In most cases, this includes manufactured (i.e. mobile) homes that are anchored to permanent foundations, but this does not include travel trailers, buses, or vans. Contents within insurable walled and roofed buildings may also be insured.


Buildings over water or principally below ground, gas and liquid storage tanks, wharfs, piers, bulkheads, shrubbery, land, machinery and equipment in the open, and motor vehicles are not insurable under this program.  Most contents and finishing materials located in a basement are also not covered.

If you perceive a risk of flooding to an insurable building or otherwise elect to purchase insurance, or if a lender requires you to purchase flood insurance as required by the Flood Disaster Protections Act of 1973, please contact the Diocesan Property/Casualty Insurance Office.


Revised 3/19