Master Insurance Program

Named Insured

I. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio;

II. And each Entity named in the List of Entities* as filed with the Company;

III. Any corporation, firm, organization, or any other legal entity owned, controlled, or operated by the Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio, or by its Bishop, alone or with other officers of the Diocese;

IV. Or any subsidiaries of those entities and/or the List of Entities* on file;

V. All Clergy, religious Brothers and Sisters of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland affiliated with any Entity referred to in Item II above, and while acting on behalf of any entity in Items I through IV above.

* The Diocesan Master Insurance Program provides insurance protection only for parishes, institutions, and corporate entities specifically recognized and named in the "Master Insurance Program Participants Directory" published annually by the Finance Office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. Individuals affiliated with any groups or organizations not named as an Insured in said directory are not covered for property or liability insurance in this Program and should, therefore, obtain insurance on their own for proper protection.


Revised 3/19